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TinyTrak4 takes the features of the popular Byonics TinyTrak3Plus and adds...
  • DSP Packet Decoding - Using software DSP, the TinyTrak4 can not only decode 1200 baud packet, but also 9600 baud, and 300 baud packet, DTMF, and more. Since the decoding is not hardware based, new demodulation capabilities can be added to existing TinyTrak4s.
  • Field Upgradeability - New firmware can be downloaded for free from the TinyTrak4 website and sent to the TinyTrak4 with a computer serial port and a F-F null modem adapter.
  • Analog & Digital Telemetry - TinyTrak4 can read temperature, battery voltage, and other analog and digital sources.
  • More powerful processor - TinyTrak4 has more processor speed, code space, RAM, and EEPROM than the TinyTrak3 to allow for more features.

Implemented and Planned Functionality:
  • Field upgradeability
  • TinyTrak3 features - Most all the TinyTrak3 functions have been translated to the TinyTrak4
  • APRS tracker that can plot positions as waypoints on compatible GPS receivers
  • 9600 baud and 300 baud encode and decode TNC & Tracker
  • DTMF encode and decode - use for remote control, logging, transmitter hunting
  • Weather station support
  • PSK31 support
  • Smart Digipeater
  • Telemetry
  • Remote control
  • Full TNC